Sunday, October 12, 2014

Float PODS for Our Boat

We had been looking at different ways to lighten up the back of our boat.  We decided to give the Beavertail POD's a try.  We order them, and they arrived on our door step in about two weeks.  These POD's are very well.  The welds and finish was top notch.  There were two sets of instructions.  One to weld.  The other to bolt on.  We were going to weld these onto our boat, but decide to bolt them on.  The cost to weld was sky high.  I'll post some pictures after we hit the river this coming weekend.

Access hole cut in POD

Outside of transom with holes drilled

Inside of transom with holes drilled

Fitting to make sure everything lines up correctly

Painted and bolted on

We were very lucky with these POD's.  We mounted them flush with the bottom of the boat, and the side angle matched out boat perfectly.  From were the POD mount to the transom to the very back of the POD we ended up with a rise of about 3/4".  The instructions said 1/2" would be perfect. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

All Day With The Hopper

     Big thanks to Brock Dixon at North Arkansas Troutfitters.  Great guy, and guide.  Check him out. Always a pleasure to fish with him.  

Old Man River with the big one of the day.

Beautiful Brown Trout

Not the biggest, but the prettiest